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You're in the right place. I help folks find clarity in their work and personal lives.
Which of these resonate?
A - I'm overwhelmed by all the details of my project. I can't seem to make any progress, and I'm not sure which direction to go next.

B - I think I need to make a big change, but I'm not sure what I want. I could use some clarity.

C - I love exploring my dreams, and I want to do it more!

D - I'm not going to make a career change or anything, but if I'm going to keep working at this pace then I seriously need to prioritize my mental health and wellness.

If you chose A, you would benefit from Accountability Coaching.

If you chose B or C then you might consider any of my Dreamwork sessions.

If you chose D then you would love Enforced Relaxation

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I’ve been coaching since I was a teenager when my focus was coaching water polo for high schoolers. That passion evolved into helping folks with their small businesses (I've run a few small businesses myself) and now sitting with people as they move through stuck places.


I love dreamwork because the content is generated internally by the person who needs it. It can apply to any part of life for any person. Dreams are so clever that the work keeps me on my toes; there's always the possibility that we're encountering something I've never seen. It's impossible for me to be an authority because the dream isn't mine, and that keeps me humble.


My passion is listening to people talk about things that really matter to them and asking questions that might lead them to deeper truths within themselves (themself?) and helping them through stuck places.


Another of my passions is travel, as you may be able to tell from this site. Travel has informed this work: staying open to other ways of seeing, recognizing I don't know the whole story, knowing that there are other ways to approach a situation. Most of all, though, staying curious.

I'm curious at heart.

I'm an explorer.

I'm a deep listener.

I'm funny!


My spouse, five-year-old daughter and I live in the Seattle area.


Finally, a big Thank You to my mentor, Sarah Maclean Bicknell, who has generously guided me since 2011.

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