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Mike was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.


He's been a leader since he was a teenager, at that point coaching water polo and basketball until his mid-twenties.

Mike has started two successful businesses, one of which he still operates (but is interrupted due to Coronavirus).


Since their early 20s, Mike and his partner, Azure, have backpacked all over the world, exploring dozens of cultures very different from his own. This, particularly, has created in Mike an openness and excitement about "alternative" life paths. Mike and Azure now continue this yearly travel with their daughter.

Over the last decade, Mike's been immersed in spiritual development, including dreamwork and ceremony. This has deepened his learnings around humility and non-judgment, that everyone is here exploring the truth of their own heart.

Mike's Testimonial for himself

I have extensive experience running my own businesses, and having traveled abroad extensively, I know there is more than one path up the mountain.

I know what it's like to choose an unconventional life path that other people don’t understand. I also know the confusion that can come when, on this path, you don’t quite know the next step forward. It can be powerful to sit with someone, have them hear you fully and ask questions to point your back to your own truth. I’m proud to sit in that position for others.


I’m proud to be a coach. I'm a skilled listener and I have a lot of experience making things happen in the world of small businesses. I can help you make sense of it all and make progress.

I'm curious at heart.

I'm an explorer.

I'm a deep listener.

I'm funny!


Finally, a big Thank You to my mentor, Sarah Maclean Bicknell, who has generously guided me since 2011.

I have a private practice where I offer coaching to clients who are trying to move through stuck places. I offer dreamwork, professional and small business coaching.

I'm in the process of becoming ICF Certified. 

This work has a lot of benefits, but there are risks. If you have psychotic or prepsychotic tendencies then you should speak to a licensed mental health professional. The work I offer is not a replacement for psychotherapy. 

My vision is people living and working in a way that is true to their hearts.

My mission is helping them move through stuck places so they can continue to create the life they want.

Testimonial from Amy

Amy was feeling...

anxious. She had left a well-paying job to follow her passion for crafting, but didn't feel comfortable having chosen to follow her heart. Not believing in her choice made every business decision so much harder.

So she signed up for...

an eight-week Business Coaching series.

As a result of the work...

she felt more confident about her choice to pursue her passion and more clear about its contribution to her family. The business picked up steam and is doing well two years later.

In her words:

Being a sole proprietor, the financial health of my business is closely connected to my personal financial health, and therefore my personal life and my marriage. I was overwhelmed by my business and personal life feeling so interconnected. Through working with Mike, I learned that it was important to restructure the way my money flows from business to personal accounts — this helped draw some boundaries and clear up some of my complicated feelings. Having run businesses himself, and being a consultant for other businesses like mine, Mike had great insight into my position and how to guide me to greener pastures. He posed helpful questions that were not solely business-related, but also touched on bigger life issues. This was just what I needed to figure out where to create needed separations and where to benefit from the connectedness.

Tropical Leaves


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