I’ve been coaching since I was a teenager. Back then I coached high school water polo teams, but my passion for listening, helping and leading stayed with me.


I love working with dreams because the content is so weird, so reliably magical that I could never imagine it if it weren't happening right in front of me. Dreams keep me on my toes; every dream, it seems, is something I've never encountered. That keeps me humble.

And I love working with small business owners, too, because they are a courageous people. I'm inspired by anyone who strikes out on their own, to become their own boss, to own their time, to make their own life. I want to help these people because their choices are so full of hope and rebellion. 

Businesses are linear and Dreams are non-linear, but to me the work has something in common: it's an open-minded exploration of things as they are now, with a yearning for good changes in your life. The effort to make positive change in your life shows that you care about yourself. 


I'm passionate about listening to people talk about the things that really matter to them. I love asking questions that might shine light for the first time on deeper truths within themselves (themself?). I love helping people through stuck places.


Another of my passions is travel, as you may be able to tell from the photos on this site. Travel has informed this work: staying open to other ways of seeing, recognizing I don't know the whole story, knowing that there are other ways to approach a situation. Most of all, though, staying curious.

I'm curious at heart.

I'm an explorer.

I'm a deep listener.

I'm funny!


My spouse, five-and-a-half-year-old daughter and I live in the Seattle area. I've run a couple small businesses, one of which is mostly on hold due to Coronavirus. 


Finally, a big Thank You to my mentor, Sarah Maclean Bicknell, who has generously guided me since 2011.

Mike Goldstein

My vision is people living and working in a way that is true to their hearts.

My mission is helping them move through stuck places so they can continue to create the life they want.

I'm not a therapist, I'm a coach. I have no license. 

I have a private practice where I offer coaching to clients who are trying to move through stuck places. I offer dreamwork, guided relaxation and small business coaching.

This work has a lot of benefits, but there are risks. If you have psychotic or prepsychotic tendencies then you should speak to a licensed mental health professional. The work I offer is not a replacement for psychotherapy. 



Amy was feeling...

anxious. She had left a well-paying job to follow her passion for crafting, but didn't feel comfortable having chosen to follow her heart. Not believing in her choice made every business decision so much harder.

So she signed up for...

an eight-week Business Coaching series.

As a result of the work...

she felt more confident about her choice to pursue her passion and more clear about its contribution to her family. The business picked up steam and is doing well two years later.

In her words:

Being a sole proprietor, the financial health of my business is closely connected to my personal financial health, and therefore my personal life and my marriage. I was overwhelmed by my business and personal life feeling so interconnected. Through working with Mike, I learned that it was important to restructure the way my money flows from business to personal accounts — this helped draw some boundaries and clear up some of my complicated feelings. Having run businesses himself, and being a consultant for other businesses like mine, Mike had great insight into my position and how to guide me to greener pastures. He posed helpful questions that were not solely business-related, but also touched on bigger life issues. This was just what I needed to figure out where to create needed separations and where to benefit from the connectedness.

Tropical Leaves


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