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I offer Group Classes and Individual Sessions
Group Classes are organized around an aspect of wellness. This is in service to the part of yourself that needs to be expressed but might be neglected by the complexities of daily life.
Groups are dynamic and interesting, the conversation flows, everyone brings a different perspective and the field for new insights is rich.
As a coach, I facilitate discussion and lead you through a process of growth and change.
For some participants, the most important aspect of a group is simply being seen and heard, and witnessing others' challenges. This is especially true for parents of young children who are desperate to stay in contact with a precious piece of themselves while everything else in their life is working against it. Sound familiar? 
Frankly, I create these groups so I can have a place to be in service of what the community needs.
Individual Coaching Sessions can be about a variety of topics.
You might come to me for individual coaching if you recognize you're stuck and you feel like you "just need to talk it out." The metaphor I like to use is this: you're on a journey through the wilderness, and you're a little lost. You need perspective on the route, so you climb up to a lookout point to re-orient yourself. I'm the person standing there who helps you figure out the route.
You might be up against a professional block, a creative block, a personal situation or something else.
This isn't therapy, where we stay in the feelings for a long time and seek their root. And this isn't mentorship, where I guide you on a specific topic based on my expertise. 
Instead, coaching is a process of me asking you questions, then listening to you. I don't give you advice, I don't give you assignments. Everything is generated from where you are and what you're seeking. I ask questions that invite you to explore a stuck place from alternative perspectives.
I'm training at Seattle Coach and will soon be an ICF Certified Coach (links open new windows). 
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