Misty Slopes


Questions about Dreamwork? Find some answers over here at the Dreamwork Q&A.
There's a few ways we can dream together.
- Join a multi-week group series
- Drop-in on Wednesday evenings
- Set up a 1-on-1 series if you want to go deep 
See below for more details.

Current Dreamwork Offerings

Testimonial from Ben

Dream groups with Mike are so good! He has been my dream coach for a few years now. His wisdom helps me unfold the densely packed clues from my subconscious. With him I’ve come to realize that dreams don’t have small messages, but rather show me vast landscapes that I can explore. He has a unique ability to teach this realization as well as all the details of interpreting dreams yourself.

Testimonial from Gabi

Working with Mike was incredible. He lead the group with so much insight and integrity and I felt so supported to explore and make discoveries.


I was new to dream work, but Mike is such a wonderful and gentle teacher that by the end of the first session I already felt comfortable. I truly cannot say enough good things! Working with Mike has been such a privilege and I know that what I have learned from him will be touch points that I can return to again and again in the future.