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Small business owners (and anyone building a practice or project...) are an intrepid people. It would be so easy to follow a conventional life path, wouldn't it?


But for some reason you just can't do that. 

I've made my own path for 20 years now, I'm still on my own path. I know what a relief it is to talk with a kindred spirit, someone who knows what the challenges are like and can help sort it out. 

It is my passion and honor to talk with people who make their own path in the world. 

I suggest starting with six 1-on-1 sessions, each 1hr 15min. You have the option to include dreamwork if you want

This work is NOT for people who are "trying to figure out what they want to do next." If you're in that space, I'd suggest doing dreamwork.

About me:

I've started a few small businesses of my own, so I know the emotional terrain. I know what it takes to see something through to creation. And I know that sometimes you need someone to help you stay focused.

Testimonial from Margit

Margit was feeling...

stuck. She knew she wanted to start a food tour business, but she was didn't know where to focus her energy.

So she signed up for...

an eight-week Business Coaching series.

As a result of the work...

she got her business up and running! 

In her words:

When I first decided I wanted to start my own business in January of 2019, one of the first people I reached out to was Mike. He’s watched my career path through various jobs with various companies. I had never been ready to strike out on my own until finally, I was.

We made a plan. Mike helped me stay on track. He helped me create a start-up budget, stay realistic about my short-term expectations and dream big about my long term goals. When I told him about how much I was crying out of frustration with my website’s Squarespace template he talked me off the ledge. He said he was proud of me for trying and also reminded me that I wasn’t just saving money on creating my new website, but that I’d be able to make my own changes as my business grew and evolved (he was right!).  Each week I had specific tasks that kept me focused and constant. 

We started at the beginning of February and my website and social media accounts went live at the end of April. By mid-May people we were booking tours. As of Summer 2019, I’ve done more tours than I had expected and am on track for a busy September as well. Mike was instrumental in helping me start my business. I never would have been able to launch as quickly without his guidance and encouragement. Our sessions helped give shape to my new business and gave me the courage and tools I needed to launch this project. Mike’s business savvy, ability to channel ideas and overall vision made our sessions productive, fun and extremely helpful. For anyone looking to launch a new project or give shape to an existing project, I cannot recommend the process enough.

Testimonial from Adriane

Adriane was feeling...

overwhelmed. She was looking for clarity and organization, she was looking for guidance around the steps for starting a business.

So she signed up for...

a four-week Dreaming for Business series.

As a result of the work...

she got insights on a personal issue that was affecting her ability to focus on her business. She also developed a roadmap toward reaching her business goals.

In her words:


Mike was such an important part of my journey toward developing a business. I had a clear idea of the type of business I wanted to grow (a food product line) but I was feeling stuck in the early stages. With a super long to-do list, important tasks needing to be addressed, and no name yet, I knew that Mike was the one to help. He was able to get me organized, prioritize tasks, helped me to see important pieces that I was missing, and also inspired a new way of looking at the business through dream work. 


Through our work together he helped me create a visual roadmap to reach business goals, gather important relevant information from my dreams, and create structured accountability that kept me moving forward. The combination of practical, real world guidance and esoteric wisdom from the dreams is such a unique and powerful combination for achieving success. 


Mike was the cheerleader, mentor, dream wizard, and coach that helped me realize what i needed in order to become successful in business. 

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So, you've got a project. Let's get clarity.
1) We'll start by sorting through the ideas in your head.
2) We'll create order and focus by making a map of your business's priorities. 
2) During weekly meetings, we'll make a plan that breaks down into simple actions you'll take each week. 
3) When you come back the following week, we'll reflect on how it went and look closely at why some actions weren't taken
4) Finally, we'll make a new plan for the new week based on where you're at that moment.